Keyboarding Features

All of our programs have similar, patented, cutting-edge features built in!

  • HTML5 Based

    Runs natively on any computer or device. No Plugins Required.
  • Real World Experience

    Programs have been successfully used with millions of students.
  • Boost Productivity

    Learning to type the right way can speed up everything you do on a computer.
  • Stops Hunting/Pecking

    Patented features in the software effectively stops ALL hunting and pecking.
  • Reporting & Statistics

    The most advanced reports available. Track every second of a student's work.

Our Keyboarding Software

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Keyboard Short Course

Keyboard Short Course is a condensed version of the Keyboard Mastery program. It covers most of the same material in a shorter span. Timing drills are 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length. It is a great introductory program for keyboarding for grades 6 and up.

Keyboard Mastery

Keyboard Mastery teaches all students how to type, and how to master the keyboard. It can be customized to make the course shorter or longer depending on your needs. It covers the entire keyboard, including the numbers and symbols on the top row. Drills can range between 15 seconds and 5 minutes. Instructors have the ability to monitor students and add content as needed. This course is perfect for grades 6 and up.

Keyboarding For Kids

Keyboarding for Kids correctly teaches keyboarding to young children at the time when computers are first introduced to them. The content is phonetic and adjusted to their skills and grade levels. Students meeting and exceeding their goals are rewarded with praise from animated characters throughout the program. This course is great for grades 1 through 6. vs.

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Keyboarding Online

100% online, nothing to install or download check
Choose to disable correction check
Comprehensive grade reporting and statistics check
Nothing to grade, print, or turn in check
Works on ANY operating system check
Prevents students from cheating check
Quick and easy setup for your class check
Stops, breaks, and prevents HUNTING AND PECKING check
Ad free check
Great phone support check

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